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Volunteers are the foundation of our organization. There are many ways for people of all genders and ages to get involved year ‘round. Some examples of hands-on volunteer roles include band managing, camp counseling, teaching a workshop, instrument instruction, and performing for our campers. You can also help out throughout the year with event planning, fundraising, flyering, design, crafting, writing, photography, sound engineering, playing a benefit show, grant writing, even being a roadie at our performances! No matter your skills, interests, or availability, we have always got a way for you to help out!

All prospective volunteers must fill out our volunteer application! Let us know how you’d like to get involved!


Volunteer at Camp

Every year we offer eight band manager positions at each week of camp. This is a rewarding, full time role which involves facilitating the creative process with a group of four to five girls. Due to the time commitment, we offer a small stipend for our beloved band managers. We also offer the camp counselor role which involves assisting with big group activities and floating between band practices. If you’re looking for a role at camp with a shorter time commitment, you might want to consider becoming a workshop leader! You can teach one of our existing workshops, or you can suggest a new one.

Teen Mentor

We offer a limited number of volunteer positions for high school girls ages 16-18 who are interested in gaining experience mentoring younger girls. This position entails one week of full-time volunteer work at our Rock Camp for Girls. Teen Mentors lead activities, assist with band managing, and provide encouragement and support to our young campers. This is a great opportunity for teenagers to develop leadership skills, collaborative skills, and independence. If you’d like to be considered for this role, write an email of interest to


Throughout the year, Girls Rock NC offers a small number of unpaid internships for college students and professionals. We’ve got lots of fun things that need doing, and you, dear intern, are the answer! Design, Marketing, and Women’s Studies students are especially encouraged to apply. If you are interested in applying for an internship, please send a resume and cover letter to

Volunteer Info

No Musical Experience Necessary

As GRNC works to undermine concepts of expertise, we not only include but encourage people with no musical background to volunteer. Our volunteers are camper dads, camp alumni, Women’s Studies students, local musicians, unapologetic feminists, students, social workers, music fans, artists, moms, social justice activists, women who wish they had Rock Camp for Girls when they were young, and people who generally support girls empowerment.
Our volunteers are YOU.

On Gender

We reserve all roles with direct contact to the campers for volunteers who identify on the female spectrum. This includes band managing and workshop instruction. We do have tons of other roles for volunteers who identify as male and want to pitch in. Girls Rock NC is an LGBTQI inclusive and affirming organization.

Have a question about volunteering? Contact us at!